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"Konknni Machiek Nomann" (ATribute to the Konkani Stage)

Konkani Machiek Noman

LORNA regales large crowd at KGTS' musical show"Konkani Machiek Noman" in Kuwait
- By Welly Dias Kuwait-Goa

Tiatristanchi Sonvsta (KGTS) in associationwith Goan Welfare Society (GWS) held its 2nd megamusical show entiltled "Konknni Machiek Nomann" (ATribute to the Konkani Stage) at the Gulf EnglishSchool Auditorium on 4th February 2005. The show commenced with a short introductory note byJose Rod, followed by a welcome speech by KGTS VicePresident Sylvester Vaz. Fr. Lionel Braganza SBD,Principal of IEAS (Don Bosco) inauguranted thetraditional Photo Gallery of Yesteryears Dramatists infond rememberance of their good work to uphold theimage of the Tiatr (Drama) Art. Mrs. Elvira & Mr.Joseph D'Souza were the guests of honour for the show.The opening theme chorus sung by Junnifer Rod-Cajetande Sanvordem-Sylvester Vaz was accompanied to themusic of Succor De Mello and his ensemble of 14Kuwait-based young and talented musicians ablysupported by Goa's ace trumpeter Agnelo Dias who wasspecially flown in a week earlier. Jose Rod's prowess in presentation, direction,composition and singing were to the fore as his touchwas visible during the presentation. Visiting Goanartistes Comedian Domnic, John D'Silva, Luis Bachan,Francis de Tuem, together Nelson Colaco, Mario deMajorda, Jose Rod and others provided the humourelement which sent the audience into raptures oflaughter. KGTS' beneficiaries this year are the seniorretired Konknni stage artistes were announced. Trumpeter Agnelo Dias and actress Sabina werepresented plaques. Rich tributes were paid toM.Boyer's contribution to the Konkani stage. M.Boyeris the only tiatrist to have been awarded the covetedPadmashree Award this year. The late saxophonist Juju was remembered and a oneminute silence was observed. His last recorded videofootage at KGTS's musical 'Tiatr Ani Tiatrists' wasscreened. The show was a success with some innovativepresentation concepts, large crowd attendance,direction, singing, and more over being fruitful inattaining the cherished dreams to support the retiredstage artistes back home in Goa and Mumbai. KGTS members, contributors, artistes, musicians andall are to be congratulated for the successfulpresentation. A large delegation of reporters andpress photographers were present. United Club of Utorda honoured T-Bush, the youngcreative Goan film producer for his contribution tothe tiatr faternity over the years. T-Bush's shortEnglish film "The Letter" directed by him and producedby Panico, London (UK) by was also screened during theshow which has been awarded the coveted "InernationalEuropean Short Film Student Award" on 1/2/2005 . A colourful souvenir was published to mark theoccasion and the highlights of it was the publicationof the page showing last years KGTS welfarebeneficiaries, namely Prem Kumar, Roam Tony, JohnNazareth, Paul Romy and the late Mary Vaz. The evening's main draw was none other than Goa'snightingale, LORNA. Her rendition of most of thefavourite oldies composed by the late Chris Perry withher awesome vocals regaled the audience. VisitingMenino Mario and Meena Leitao sang duets as well assolo numbers. During the course of the show therewere solos, duos, trios, quartros and side shows whichthe Kuwait based artistes as well as the visitingartistes contributed. Kuwait-based Konkani playback singer, Adolf, rendered2-songs from the Konknni film "Bhuierantlo Munis".Adolf also lent his vocals to the Tsunami songtogether with Jose Rod and Lorna, together withvisuals highlighting the disaster. In his messagepublished in the colourful souvenir, Bishop FrancisMicalef O.C.D., Vicar Apostolic of Kuwait emphasized"To keep alive and enhance the century old musicialand theatrical heritage of the Konkani speaking Goanancestors giving it a deserved recognition in theworld of Arts". Francis Lewis and Patrick Lewis of Fitwell Tailors(Kuwait) sponsored the specially designed costume forthe musicians. The objectives of KGTS established in2002 with a vision to promote Konkani language, tiatrand to provide a platform for dynamic talented Konkaniartistes in Kuwait. Presently it is the onlyassociation with a largest member base of the tiatrfaternity in the region. Over 175 individual contributors and several Goanassociations supported the event and the organizersthanked and appreciated their gratitude and love forthe Konkani stage artistes to keep the flag of the'Tiatrists' flying high. The KGTS membership is openfor persons of Goan origin actively involved on theKonkani statge in one or more of the followingcategories: Actor, singer, director, producer,organizer, script writer, playwright, musician,backstage technician, audio/video technician, soundengineer, lights controller, stage manager, stagesetter, etc. For more info, contact KGTS members or email

______ Additional input: Gaspar Almeida,

Pictures & Souvenir info & Highlights: KGTSPhotography by: Rewon Gomes
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