Thursday, January 7, 2010

KGTS-Kuwait continues their support towards seniormost Tiatrists in India

Dearest Goans and Mangaloreans
and Konkani loving folks,

Wishing each and every one of you A Prosperous New Year 2010 – may you enjoy good health and happineess in abundance.

Kuwait-Goa Tiatristanchi Sonvstha (KGTS) has overcome many a hurdles during and after our KGTS Mega Event held on 18th September 2009. The Almighty Lord was very generous to make KGTS battle all odds and stand united and keep carrying forward the cherished work for the Konkani stage.

With the support of like minded Goans and Mangaloreans, KGTS was able to honour yesteryears senior-most stage artistes - the likes of Tita Pretto, Platilda, Anthony (Trio Kings) and Drummer Jel - with cash remunerations as well as mementos at a grand ceremony held on 13th December 2009 during the staging of Comedian Agostinho’s drama in Margao in the presence of KGTS committee members and a capacity audience.
We thank the press and internet media who has highlighted the special event.

On behalf of KGTS Managing Committee and members, I would like to thank every Goan and Mangalorean who supported our cause to bring back smiles on the faces of our yester-years tiatrists and we look forward to your continued encouragement to keep our mothertongue alive as well as the Art for the Konkani Stage.

At the same time I wish to thank each and every artiste who has contributed towards the huge success of KGTS Mega Event "Tiatristponn Devachem Dennem" as well as previous annual events since the year of its inception in 2002.

God willing, we will strive even harder to keep KGTS' flag flying high and once again exclaim in chorus and unison - Tiatristponn Devachem Dennem - The unique tiatr art is indeed God's gift.

May the Almighty bless us all.
Dev borem korum.

Francis de Verna
(Francis Fernandes)
KGTS President

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Kuwait Goan Tiatristanchi Sonvsta (KGTS) has honoured 3 Goan Senior Tiatrists and a senior Musician (Drummer) at Pai Tiatrist Hall (Joao Agostin Hall) on 13th December 2009 during Com. Agostinho’s Tiatr JFTM. The award includes a momento, shawl, and cash. Thanks to KGTS.
Ok, let's see the pics

KGTS members Mr. Manu, Lawry, Com. Agostinho,
Konkani Stalwarts – Platilda, Tita Pretto, Anthony (Trio King) and drummer Jel.
With Goa Tourism minister Micky Pacheco

The great 3

with drummer Jel

Platilda receiving from the minister

Trio king receives his

com, Agostinho and KGTS members

Minister, Agosntinho and KGTS