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MARG to promote Road Safety through “EKSIDDENT”

MARG to promote Road Safety through “EKSIDDENT”

Kala Mogi’s new production, a Konkani Tiatr “Eksiddent” (Accident) is an excellent attempt to create awareness about Road Safety in Goa. Written & Directed by Tomazinho Cardozo, the play has been appreciated by the house full audience on 1st October at Kala Akademy, Panjim as it gives a strong message to follow traffic rules and to reduce number of accidents on Goan roads.

MARG (Movement for Amity towards Roads in Goa) an NGO working towards reducing number of accidents in Goa in collaboration with Department of Transport and Government of Goa will now stage the tiatr “Eksiddent” in different parts of Goa. There will not be any tickets for the shows and the admission will be free on first come first serve basis. “Eksiddent” will be staged on 12th Oct. at DMK Auditorium, Kala Academy, Panjim, on 13th Oct. at JAF Hall, Ravindra Bhavan, Margao, on 14t Oct., at Hanuman Theatre, Mapusa and on 15th Oct at Rajiv Kala Mandir, Ponda. The show at Panjim will commence at 7.00 p.m sharp while at all other places “Eksiddent” will be staged at 3.30 p.m.

“EKSIDDENT” features Wilmix, Sharon, Ben Evangelisto, Sonia, Sucorro de Santa Cruz, Sheik Amir, Eugenio Cardozo, Maria Cardozo, Joao Cardozo besides award winning artistes of Kala Mogi Candolim namely Irene Cardozo, Selza Lopes, Joslyn Misquita, Larissa Fernandes, Mathias Mascarenhas, Dnyanesh Morajkar, Shivanand Naik, Joy Fernandes, Tukaram Naik, Assis Cardozo.

Stage sets are designed by Timothy Dias, Light Effects by Dnanjay Phalkar, Background music by Saish Desphande, Costumes by Irene Cardozo, Make-up by Chaya Revodkar and live music by Agnelo Dias. The tiatr is written and directed by Tomazinho Cardozo. Tiatr lovers are request to be in their seats atleast 15 minutes in advance.

Tomazinho Cardozo
Candolim, Goa

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gaspar almeida


About Wilson (Wilmix) & Sharon
By Wellington Dias.

The husband & wife team of Wilmix-Sharon do not need much introduction to Konkani drama / tiatro goers, as both over the years with their talents have made their presence felt on the Konkanni stage.

During their recent Kuwait visit (in April, 2002) to act in Rafael de Majorda’s drama “Hanv Nokho Zalom”, had a pleasant talk with both of them on 27th April, 2002.

Profiling both their careers with Wilmix providing bulk of the info., WILMIX WILSON MAZARELLO traced his roots to acting in Village concerts and then acting in professional tiatros around 1970. He mentioned about writing & directing about 11-tiatros so far, writing a lot of one act plays for Radio & TV and also composing & singing more than 200-songs, to date.

Meanwhile, SHARON MELANCIA MAZARELLO, got going by crooning for an English Band in Bombay at 16-years of age and acting professionally in tiatros around 1980. She mentioned about writing & directing 3-tiatros professionally, writing a few one act plays in Konkani, composing & singing many Konkani songs and publishing a book of 105-Konkani one act plays entitled ‘Jivit Ek Tiatr’ in the devangri script.

Speaking about themselves, Wilmix mentioned of their together producing about 26-audio tapes of Konkani songs, travelling extensively in India (Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Karnataka, Maharashtra, etc.) and acting in hundreds of Konkanni tiatros. Some of the leading Writers & Directors, whom both have acted for include,

M. Boyer, C. Alvares, Prem Kumar, John Claro, Aristides Dias, Alfred Rose, Remmie Colaco, Jacint Vaz, etc.
Some of Wilmix’s tiatros are “Tiatrist”, “Konknno”, “Durig”, “Sukti-Bhorti”, “Sounsar ani Sorg”, “Mogachi Kanni”, “Viswas Ghatki”, “Chor-Pulis”, “Devachem Utor Hem”, “ “Chorachea Horrdeant Dukh”.

While that of Sharon’s tiatros are "Cheddo”, "Cheddun" "Il’lxi Chuk”, “Baulem”, “Fuddem Paulem”.

As both believed in giving a good moral through their tiatros, they mentioned about promoting themes of Social awareness and protection of the environment through this art form.

Wilmix mentioned about publishing 2-books of Konkani tiatros namely “Sukti-Bhorti” and “Durig” in the devnagri script. When questioned as to why his books were published in the devnagri script instead of the Roman script, he stated that since devnagri script is the officially recognized script he felt that this is the only way for his books will reach out & be accepted and furthermore stated that the Roman script reading people would rather prefer to watch the tiatros than read books on them. Besides the above 2-books, he's published a book in English entitled ‘100 Years of Konkani Tiatro’, giving history of the Konkani tiatro for the past 100 years.

Wilmix, speaking of his early years, had to say that at that time, one really had to fight one’s way up (he gave the example of Prem Kumar) and to be a tiatrist at that time he stated that the main criterion was one had to be a Singer and only if one could sing then the senior established tiatrists would be willing to help out. But, he pointed out that on the whole most of the senior tiatrists were very selfish and are responsible for the tiatro almost being extinct today.

Furthermore, he felt that in all respects the present scenario is much better nowadays than in the past in terms of unity and cited the recent instance of the Konkani stage artistes coming together to raise funds for the ailing Rosario Rodrigues.

He further added that he sees a bleak future for the Konkani stage unless some drastic changes were introduced & effected to the same, as most of the dramatists took drama as a business and not as an art, thereby, sacrificing quality of the same and had to say that up-liftment of the stage is more important than monetary benefits.

With regards to non-stop drama & tiatro, he had to say that both are art forms of the Konkani stage and according to him the stage should have first priority instead of bickerings between these art forms & its artistes. He mentioned about his acting in non-stop dramas and non-stop dramatists acting in his tiatros, which according to him was an example of his not differentiating between both these art forms.

He acknowledged the contribution of the non-stop dramatists and the positive influences they have brought to the Konkanni stage.

With regards to stage lighting, he had to say that good lighting can work wonders on-stage and not just the trend of flashy lighting methods being followed presently in dramas.

Wilmix mentioned that innovations to stage settings and other things were always welcome and could further help improve the stage on the whole.

He spoke about his organising the All India Seminar for Overall Development of the Konkani Stage in Nov., 2001, wherein speakers from the theatre in Bengal, Maharashtra, Nataks (Goa), Non-stop dramas, Konkani tiatro, hindi films, etc., were invited and an open house discussion was held with a number of resolutions being adopted. One of the main things that all were in unanimuous agreement to the fact that, the Konkani drama & stage needs a professional touch in terms of direction.
When one of the hindi movie directors present at the symposium offered to help in this regard, he was told of the exorbitant costs involved should a professional director be hired and according to Wilmix, this director voluntarily committed himself to do the first drama free of charge and thereafter, charge a nominal amount for the following drama(s) so that the stage's standard could improve.

On the above, he was quick to point out as to how many present day Konkani drama directors' / writers' ego would permit them to accept another director directing their dramas & dictating terms to them. He also cited the notion that is presently being followed, that is, everyone wanting to be all in one (Writer / Director).

With regards to the Goa Govt.'s non-support to the tiatro and Konkani stage, he had to say that it was a big controversy.

Both Wilmix & Sharon spoke about their present venture, wherein, they run an institute by the name of THEATRE ART & CULTURAL TRAINING INSTITUTE (GOA), which offers classes in acting & other stage-craft for upcoming Konkani artistes and according to them both, they derived immense pleasure in imparting their knowledge of acting instead of acting.

Sharon & Wilmix who have 2-sons, when requested of Wilmix to shed some light on their personal lives, he had to say that he prefers to keep his personal life separate from the stage as incorrect information portrayed by the press could tend to hurt people.

Other than acting, Wilmix, a BSc Graduate, mentioned of his working as a medical representative and travelling to Afghanistan, Russia, East Africa, Middle East and other Countries when working as the Export Manager of a Pharmaceutical firm in Mumbai.

He mentioned of his being an Executive Member of the Goa Konkanni Academy.

Both of them presently reside at Fatorda, Goa.

@ 2002 Wellington Dias

Konkani Song "Scientist"
Lyrics by Wilmix Wilson Mazarello
Album No. 1 ' Konkani Originals' by Wilmix-Sharon

Europak ek vhodlo scientist rautalo,
Subez xinkonk mhunon to Israelak ghelo
Thuim zomni bhitor kitem meuta tem, tachem xinkop to kortalo
Taka meulam tem aikon sounsar ojeap zalo
Taka meulim khuim zomnir haddam eka munxeachim
Tim haddam khuim sumar don ozar vorsanchim
Tis ani tin vorsam asleleam unxeachim
Tachea donui hath paieanim burak asle ani boric khunna aslim baleanchim,
To mhunon dubau nastanam him addam zaunk zai focot jezi christanchim

Rokddich khobor hi gazli radio ani t.v.cher
Scientist tacho photu xaplo sogott potrancher
To mhuno kon sangta Jezu jivont zala tachim haddam assant zomnicher
To itlo famad mhunttoch konnuch dubavonk nam tacher
Hi khobor aikon soglo christaum sounsar al’lo
Padri bispani aplo dhorm passun soddlo
Madri convent soddun gara voicho rosto dhorlo
Missionar goribank vavurtale, tanni thuimchea thuim goribak soddlo, kaluch Jezu aplo Deu mhunno to munis aiz Devak visorlo

Amcho Dhorm khoro assonk Jezuchem jivontponn
Hem zainaaslem tor tachi porva korinaslo konn
Tor hem soglem kainch nhu zaunk paulem voi tea scientistak lagun
Pun to morche vogtar aik kitem gel’lo sangun
Sanglem tannem aplo nimnno vogot aila mhun
Soglem jivit bhor apun naum zoddunk sodhi mhun
Naum apnnem zhoddlem pun munxeakuddak naddun
Him addam nhoi Jezu Christachim pun ti hanvench dhovorlelim thuim addun
Hem nimnne kumsar mojem zatam hanv Devan bogxilear puro mhun,

Hi khobor aikona fuddem suskar soddlo sounsaran,
Kitle padri bisp portun bhitor sorle dhorman
Madri konventan geleo missionar porot goribanchea Kaman
Apli chuk vollkoli mhun onbhavarti munxean
Khori khobor hi hanven kaim goddunk nam
Igorz maten chint kitem kaim bhogunk nam
Koslem hem jivit zorui Jezu jivont zaunk nam
Ami munxeank sanglem rokddench manlem pun
Devan sanglelem madunk nam,
ami patki munis Devak sandtele pun Devan amkam sanddunk nam.



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"Tiatristponn Devachem Dennem" - KGTS Mega Musical Show (in pictures)

Congratulations KGTS for hosting such an excellent and well co-ordinated show. Each of the participants gave their best and it was obvious that their talent, coupled with our rich Goan cultural essence made it a distinctive show. Keep it up as always !!!!!

In the recent times, it is not easy to host shows of this high a calibre, only because there aren’t many Goans, who are as passionate and as enthusiastic as our KGTS team members. Most are busy with their daily chores / keeping up with busy work schedules, but there are still others who have ample of time on their hands, preach that “Konkanni amche mai bas” but do nothing but gossip and slander those that put in a their time and effort.

It’s easy to point fingers and laugh at others and write bizzare emails but you could never put yourself on that stage, sing that song with those rhthyms and gain applause from us lovers of Konkanni. So, next time, think before the thought even crosses your mind. You have to have the same Goan blood that runs in our viens…or you arent Goanekar.

Once again to all KGTS Members and the President, I extend my sincere good wishes for your future success….

God Bless you all …

Mog asson…

Jean Barretto

Photos by: Rewon Gomes
Exclusive to
by Kuwait-Goa Tiatristanchi Sonvstha (KGTS)

(c) All rights reserved.